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David Duncan
Dear Ruth,
I am greived. As one of your former students at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School my heart for you, for those who have been blessed by your teaching & preaching (can we say that women can preach?)and most of all for the body of Christ just aches. Last week my message was that THE mark of a follower of Jesus Christ is love. Yes, there are other things that are important such as honesty, but they flow out of our love for God. The one thing that we are to be known by is the one thing that you have not experienced at a CTS. How tragic that at an institution dedicated to preparing Christian leaders, pastors, & educators we see demonstrated what not to do. How can this institution teach their students about about being Christ-like, about honesty, fairness, compassion, dealing with difference between believers or rebuking those who are wrong as Paul did to Peter when he was caught in in hypocrasy? Isn't your situation the same. They say they have standards. They say they want to produce godly lives at CTS & then live lives that are the opposite. My prayer is that individuals within your denominational structure will develop the Pauline guts necessary to address & resolve your situation, literally for God's sake, for the sake of the kingdom. This is further confirmation of what Ron Sider wrote about in the Scandel of the Evangelical Conscience, as well as what George Barna & others have reported about personal conduct among those who call themselves Evangelical or Born Again. Our conduct is not significantly different than those who have not embraced Christ. In this case, things are worse than in secular (godless?...where is God glorified in this at Calvin?) institutions where this kind of dishonesty, discrimination & character assassination would not be tolerated.
I say this not only as a pastor but as an adjunct professor for the last ten years.
Keep standing firm. We love & support you. Keep holding them accountable. Whatever measures that need to be taken to have this addressed openly need to because these are leaders...if this is what Christian leaders do & get away with it won't be long until it happens at the church & pastoral level.
Dave Duncan
M.Div TEDS 1996
p.s. Sorry if I rambled, I am very frustrated with your situation. You have been a blessing in my life & influenced my ministry.
Your new is stupid! Enough already. You need to read L Smeeds book, Forgive and Forget!
Dear Ruth,
People have been calling me godless for years! The way I look at it is that Satan is the great accuser. We as Christians have an advocate in Jesus Christ and one day ALL will be settled.
So be encouraged, if you can stand before God the Father blameless in Christ, you have nothing to fear.
You should hear what happened to my friend of many years who was cruelly treated by the "elders" of 7th Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. He was faithful to God and one of the "if you're not Dutch, you ain't much" "good old boy club members" of elders who saw themselves as above the law of God.
But this is about you and so don't worry over the fact that CTS has borne false witness against you and they may not be justified by works of the law but they will be held accountable (as we all will)for holding God's standards of behavior in contempt.
Remember what Paul said:
To live is Christ, to die is gain. Your false accusers have had their payment in this lifetime!

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