Henry's Reappointment Evaluations


It might be good to put a bunch of these documents on the website as PDFs. That would reall add to the documentary evidence from the three binders.
Calvin Seminary Student
I'm sorry you were treated poorly. But is this the way to handle it?
You certainly have your own priorities in mind, and not those of the church.
I grieve this situation and don't understand how you think you are helping the Kingdom.
I'm sure you won't post this comment. Not to do so proves the accuracy of it.
Mike Switzer
So, so sorry to hear of your bad treatment by CTS. You do not deserve this, as I am sure you know. As I have sat under your teaching at TEDS and read your books and heard you teachings, if the Evangelical Church were a system like Roman Catholicism and Billy Graham would be the Pope, then you would definitely be one of his highest Archbishops/Cardinals...not sure which is higher, an Archbishop or a Cardinal but you would definitely be next in line to take over. You have a LOT of wisdom and God-Given gifts no one else seems to have. Thank God for you and keep a stiff upper lip!

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